About AUT Ventures

AUT Enterprises Ltd (AUT Ventures) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AUT University and was established in 2005 as the commercialisation arm of the University. AUT Venture's key activities include:

Commercialisation Services

The Commercialisation team focus on intellectual property (IP) arising from staff and student research at AUT. The team assists with:

  • Technology licensing
  • Spin-out ventures
  • Commercialisation advice and information
  • Accessing technical experts
  • Access to industry, investment and commercial networks

Consultant Services

AUT VenturesConsultant Services aim to streamline AUT's engagement with government, industry and the public sector by making the process of consultancy easier for AUT academics and the organisation in need of their expertise. Consultant services administered by AUT Venturesinclude:

  • negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • arrangements for use of University facilities
  • invoicing
  • debt collection
  • income distribution
  • Professional liability and indemnity insurance

Virtual Incubation of Start-up Companies

The Virtual Incubation service is based on a fees for service model. This services is focused mainly on AUT staff and students and some external companies where value could be added to the companies through engagement with AUT Venturescommercialisation staff.

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