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New innovation centre offers graduates place to turn big-data dreams into reality.

The collaborative Interact Centre of Technology Excellence, to be launched by Auckland University of Technology (AUT), aims to make New Zealand a leading developer of cutting-edge data tech, while helping retain the country's top IT and data science graduates. Read more

Mathematical model designed to predict children at risk of abuse will be trialled with data reported to CYF

AUT Professor Rhema Vaithianathan who helped develop the model said she hoped it would be used "proactively" to identify the most at-risk children. However, some experts have criticized the model believing that families at risk could feel stigmatized as there are cases used in the model where behavioral and relationship problems were found, but no maltreatment involved. Read more

Allegheny County Partners with International Research Team to Improve Human Services Delivery Through Predictive Analytics

Allegheny County is partnering with an international team of researchers to develop predictive models to support child welfare worker decision making. The team is led by Professor Rhema Vaithianathan from Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand). The arrangement is made possible through a technology improvement grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, announced in September. Read more

Big science projects fuelling data boom

Huge data-hungry science projects are fuelling a boom in New Zealand's data industry and a Porirua-based company, The Catalyst Cloud is part of this. The Catalyst Cloud is assisting Open Parallel with the design of a software stack that would act as the "brain" of the world's largest radio-telescope – the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). Read more