Commercial Research

Making contract and collaborative research activities easier

The Commercial Research Team is part of AUT's Research and Innovation Office. We provide support to our academic colleagues to help them to partner with industry and commerce to carry out contract and collaborative research.  This support takes the form of help in:

  • Definition of work programmes
  • Phasing and work flow planning
  • Budgeting and authorisation
  • Negotiation of intellectual property terms and conditions
  • Negotiation of price and delivery agreements
  • Maintaining client relationships

The Team also acts in support of clients, partners and potential partners by providing:

  • Single point of contact to all of AUT's skills and facilities
  • Help in building teams/consortia, for bidding for funding and for project delivery
  • A seamless transition from intellectual property (IP) generation to IP exploitation by working closely with the AUT Enterprises Ltd team.

The Commercial Research Team runs as "light-touch" a process as possible to ensure we always make contract and collaborative research activities easier and more productive and valuable for both our academic colleagues and for our partner clients and customers.

For more information contact:

John Bancroft
Manager - Commercial Research
P: +64 9 921 9398  |  E: |  W:
Rimmi Kothari
Commercial Projects Officer
P: +64 9 921 9999 ext 8459  |  E: |  W: