Professor John E Tookey

Consultant Profile

Professor John E Tookey
Director CUBE-NZ, School of Engineering
P: +64 9 921 9512  |  E:

Qualifications: PhD, BSc

Memberships & Affiliations: & MIEEE, MCIOB

Research Areas:

  • Construction management
  • Logistics
  • SCM
  • Productivity
  • Procurement
  • Building costs
  • BIM

Current Research Projects:

  • Economic Evaluation of Zero Waste Construction (BRANZ / Winstone Wallboards)
  • Transaction Costs economics in construction
  • Auckland lifelines project (BRANZ)

Current Consulting Areas & Projects:

  • Construction costs
  • Construction productivity
  • Housing Affordability


Selected journal publications:

  • Tookey, J.E., Murray, M.D., Langford, D.A.  and Hardcastle, C., (2001) Construction  Procurement Routes: redefining the contours of construction procurement, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 8 (1), Feb, pp20-30.
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  • Shakantu, W., Tookey, J.E., Mua, M. and Bowen, P.A. (2007) Beyond Egan's supply chain management: advancing the role of logistics in the South African construction industry. Acta Structilia, 14(1): 93-115.
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  • Rajeh M, Tookey J, Rotimi J (2014) BEST PROCUREMENT SELECTION: DEVELOPMENT OF A CONCEPTUAL MODEL BASED ON TRANSACTION COSTS, Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building - Conference Series, 2(2)

Ying, F., Tookey, J.E. and Roberti,
J. (2014), Addressing effective construction logistics through the lens of
vehicle movements, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management,
21(3), pp 261-275

In addition:-

  • 70 + conference papers
  • 3 book chapters
  • 3 BRANZ Build Articles


Professor Tookey graduated from the University of Bradford (UK) in 1993 with a BSc Technology and Management Science. He subsequently returned to university to study for his PhD, which was awarded in 1998 for his thesis entitled "Concurrent Engineering in the Aerospace Industry: A comparative study of the US and UK".

From 1998 to 2006 Professor Tookey worked in Glasgow Caledonian University as first a researcher then as a lecturer. In 2006 he moved to the University of Auckland and then moved to AUT in 2009. During his time with each of these institutions he developed new programmes at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. To date he has managed a total of 5 masters degree programmes, and newly established a total of 3 postgraduate and 2 undergraduate programmes.

Professor Tookey has an extensive record of publication and research in the construction industry, as well as engagement with industry. Currently he has published close to 100 works, as well as having graduated over 10 PhD students. His research is primarily industry centric with extensive work related to housing and construction costs as well as waste reduction, waste minimization and supplychain / logistics management in construction etc.

Professor Tookey has also consulted for industry producing various reports and acting as a peer reviewer and referee for other reviews. Professor Tookey has established a research grouping at AUT University called the Centre for Urban Built Environment (CUBE-NZ) as a principle vehicle to bring together research capability across a range of disciplines linked to the construction industry in NZ. In addition Professor Tookey has regularly developed and presented training and professional development courses for a number of organisations in both the UK and NZ including Dickie Construction (Scotland), NZ Institute of Management (NZIM), Fonterra and IPENZ.