Dr Roy Nates

Consultant Profile

Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering

Web pages: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Roy_Nates?ev=hdr_xprf

Qualifications: PhD Cape Town, MSc(Eng), BSc(MechEng)

Memberships & Affiliations: MIPENZ, PrEng(SA), MIMechE(SA)


  • Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2011.
  • AUSM (Auckland Students' Movement) "Best Teacher Award", 2011.
  • Distinguished Teacher's Award, University of Cape Town,1995
  • Thomas Price Award from (SA)IMechE for best paper in the '(SA)IMechE R&D Journal', 1993, Co-author J. Fitton. 
  • Ingham Award from (SA)IMechE for best paper in 'The (SA) Mechanical Engineer', 1987, Co-author R.Dutkiewicz.

Research Areas:

  • Thermofluids.
  • Engines and combustion
  • Mechanics and mechanical systems
  • Sport Science

Current Research Projects:

  • Solar powered desalination
  • Welding Investigation – Marangoni effect
  • Sport Performance and strength and conditioning research
  • Human upper airway thermofluids and devices
  • Droplet evaporation
  • STEM Education research

Current Consulting Areas & Projects:

  • New Zealand Steel – Forensic investigation
  • Aquamax – High pressure water cutters
  • Greenlane Biogas – System design


Recent Journal Publications

White, D. E., Nates, R. J., & Bartley, J. (2014). A pilot study of an in-vitro bovine trachea model of the effect of continuous positive airway pressure breathing on airway surface liquid. BioMedical Engineering OnLine, 13(1), 1-12. doi:10.1186/1475-925X-13-12.

Contreras, B., Cronin, J. and Nates, R.J., "Are all Hip-Extension exercises created equal?", Strength and Conditioning Journal, National Strength and Condition Association of the US, March 2013.

Protheroe, M., Al-Jumaily, A.A, and Nates, R.J., "Prediction of droplet evaporation characteristics of nebulise based humidification and drug delivery devices", International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Elsevier Publ., 60(2013), p772-780, Feb 2013.

Carrol, M., Jones, G., Kirkwood, H. and Nates, R.J., "Audit Report: Committee on University Academic Programmes", New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit (NZUAAU), September 2011.

Recent Conference Proceedings

Enayatollahi, R., Anderson, T. and Nates, R.J., "Mathematical modelling of a solar powered humidification dehumidification desalination prototype", Proceedings of 52nd Annual Conference of the Australian Solar Council, May 2014.

Wang, G., Nates, R.J. and Pasang, T., "Modelling of GTAW Weld Pool under Marangoni Convection", NZ Conference of Chemical and Materials Engineering, NZCCME2013, Auckland, Nov 2013

Protheroe, M., Al-Jumaily, A.A, and Nates, R.J., "Poly-Disperse droplet evaporation model – Comparison with Experimental Results", Proceedings of the ASME Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, IMECE2013-65347, San Diego, Nov 2013.

Robothan, A.J., Nates, R.J., Raine, J and White, D., "Reflections on the Challenge of Developing Professional Engineering Designers and Engineering Design Technologists – A New Zealand Perspective", Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED13, Paper No.520, Seoul, August 2013.

Protheroe, M., Al-Jumaily, A.A, and Nates, R.J., "Poly-Disperse droplet evaporation model", Proceedings of the ASME Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, IMECE2012, Houston, Texas, Nov 2012.


In 1981 Roy Nates started his career as a graduate research engineer with the Energy Research Institute (ERI) at the University of Cape Town, working for 8 years in the field of engine and fuels search and development. The ERI performed contract research for both the public and private sector. This was followed by Senior Lectureships and consultancies at both the Universities of Pretoria and Cape Town, teaching, researching and consulting in the broad field of thermofluids, including engines, air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical systems in general. His PhD Thesis concerned the causes of damage due to abnormal combustion (knock) in spark-ignition engines. This involved modelling and experimental investigation of the effect of combustion generated shock waves interacting with the solid confines of combustion chambers. In 1995, Roy accepted a Senior Lectureship at AUT (then AIT). His teaching areas have expanded to include Solid Mechanics and Mechanics of Machines, as well as Thermofluids. During the years at AUT, and in the positions of Programme Leader BE(Hons) (Mechanical) and Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department Roy has continued to contribute technically to many diverse industries and research groups.