Intellectual Property (IP) developed at AUT University may become available for licensing or sale, subject to any contractual arrangements with existing contract research partners. We are looking for licensing partners willing to work with us to get the most out of these technologies. Potential investment opportunities in the AUT technology portfolio are listed below.

Top Health Apps

Stroke RiskometerTM & Stroke Riskometer ProTM

Voted 2014 Top Medical Conditions App on iOS by HealthTap AppRx

Did you know up to 80% of strokes are preventable if the risk factors are managed appropriately?

The Stroke RiskometerTMis a free, unique and easy to use tool for assessing your individual risk of a stroke. The Stroke Riskometer  is able to evaluate a range of genetic, lifestyle, and health factors that directly influence your risk of having a stroke in the next five or ten years. The app has been downloaded by users in over 70 countries.  The Stroke RiskometerTM is:             

  • endorsed by the World Stroke Organization, World Federation of Neurology and International Association of Neurology and Epidemiology.
  • able to factor in modern lifestyle and hereditary risk factors
  • suitable for ages 20 to 90+.
  • suitable for use by those who have already had a stroke or transient ischaemic attack to estimate the risk of a recurrence.

The Stroke Riskometer ProTM provides personalised risk factor management advice and additionally allows the user to save, track, and email their results. Both Stroke Riskometer and Stroke Riskometer Pro are available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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Opportunities available for this project:

  • Licensing the Stroke Riskometer algorithm and the brand
  • Sponsorship
  • Research and development collaboration

For more information contact:

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Commercialisation Manager
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